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The Land of Nod
Yes, I'm still alive. I've just been spending most of my time with Xanga and Flickr. Not much has really happened since my last post. Well...I lie, alot but not very exciting shit.

Anyway, Still photographing. Got a new Panasonic Lumix digital camera for my birthday last year so I'm playing with that and I'm also goofing around with another Canon.

Still work at the same salon. This month they have me as the 'Featured Artist'. I've already missed two days of that being sick. Guess I must be doing something right. *grin*.

I just signed up for a Sewing Class for April and will be taking an Intro to French Conversation this month. G and I plan to go to Paris in October if I'm not knocked up by then. Either one will make me happy. We are heading to San Diego in April though...always have to visit at least once a year. Get my California fix.

Currenly, at home trying to recoup from being sick. Trying not to spend too much money but, it's a bit late for that. That's what happens when you're bored, sick and don't want to do housework to occupy your time.

Hope all is well with you :) Still cruising around and reading!

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Just came back yesterday.

boy am I zonked. Gone for a whole month.

Yes...I got fatter, but that's what happens when you eat your way halfway across that place.

Darker...I wish.

I learned to miss my bed, the cold weather. I learned to appreciate more things because that's what happens when you have no electricity for 2 and 1/2 weeks due to the freakin' typhoon. I learned some stuff I wish I had been wrong on but who would I be fooling. I learned that I really do love the Philippines and that I'm beginning to appreciate what that entails...good or bad.

I'm also really bad at responding to people and I apologize. Will get back to you.

I'll write more later but right now, sleep awaits me.


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Okay...so someone needs to remind me why I asked for a 6 am training session tomorrow. That means I need to get up at 4:30am to be ready and at the gym by 6. Shit, kudos to any of you who do it regularly.

Had my session today and worked on legs. Sore chest...check. Sore back...check. Sore legs and ass...check. Now it's arms and shoulders tomorrow. I don't know what he'll do to me on Friday. Oh well. Just as long as I make up my sessions and the gym doesn't fuck up as much as it has been.

Didn't do the fireworks thing since my dad dragged us to them when we were younger. I never really liked the sounds of them and esp got to hate them when one of them blew my brother's left hand off. I go for the whole feel of the holiday...the big bangs. I'm fine without.

I saw Superman Returns. I liked it. It also made me think about how wrapped up we get with our own lives that we sometimes forget that there might be someone else suffering more, sacrificing more, lonely. Ah well. I don't want to get too sappy and philosophical tonight. Let's just say that sometimes, we just need to learn how to take a step away from ourselves and look at the bigger picture.

Haven't had time to take pictures. Might be able to tomorrow. I've slowed down a bit but I find myself looking at my camera bag as I do what I need to do around the house. I want to play more with the Macro lens and also try and push myself with my 'sight'. It's funny though, because everytime I walk around, I see the world as I would if it's a constant picture. It's a rather interesting perspective.

So I've put my request in for my month off at work. Now if I could get the airline tickets to match up with the dates...that would be another headache gone. It's been almost 7 or 8 years since I've seen my family there. My grandfather looks so...old. I just never saw him as such until I looked at a picture.
The jacket he was in just seem to swallow him up. When did he start to look so frail?

Anyway, goodnight. Be safe :)

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Well, I did post up pictures of the wedding right? Yeah, you can tell that I backtrack on my own stuff. I don't really post anywhere about my life anymore. I guess I just don't think most people find it interesting :) In fact...I currently don't find it interesting myself. Instead I've spent my free time either cleaning the house, hanging with G, Photographing what I can, uploading photos and then staring surfing other people's photo sites constantly as to be inspired, challenged or calmed.

So here is a partial story of my life in photographs so far. Warning: Some might not be work appropriate. Not to nasty well...except for the rollerblading Penis.


I've Been:

Cooking (every so often)

What's for Dinner?:  MushroomsWhat's for Dinner?:  RibeyeWhat's for Dinner?: Crepe

I seared, then baked the balsamic marinated ribeye steak. Sauteed the pasta in the ribeye juice and threw in some fresh herbs and heavy cream. Topped with the Mushroom and Leeks. Not pictured is the steamed Broccolli and fresh blueberries that I had reduced down to fill the crepes I had made from scratch. Yeah...I can be freakin' Betty Crocker sometimes.

Date Day at The Seattle Center with G.

EMP (Experience Music Project) TextureGSBasilioA Circle of Spheres

An angle of the Experience Music Project, I took a picture of G taking a picture (I try to when we go on a date. The last few remaining crumbs of corniness in our relationship. LOL.) The balls are right outside of the space needle. You could sit, stand or walk around them. Really they are more of a multi-purpose decoration

Hybrid TransportPacific Center ArchesReflection

This cracked me up. A bunch of school kids group biking through a 'walk through'. The Pacific Center Arches...Love the lamps. The Obligatory shot of the Space Needle.

More picsCollapse )
Thanks for stopping by :)

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Yes, another one of those random posts that I do. I'll try to cram everything in one entry since I'm lazy like that.

Came back this past late Tues night/early Weds morning from California. Yes my friend's wedding was beautiful and special and Yes, now I see why she was a freakin' lunatic for awhile. The Groom at least apologized and serenaded her...very sweet :). Yes, I will also post pictures of my similarity to a Vienna Sausage when wearing the bridesmaid dress.

G and I are still doing our Tues dates. In fact, we had gotten back from one today so I'll try to do some photo montage link so that I won't overload this post with a bijillion (is that a number?) pictures.

But I'll give you the quick rundown:

* We speed through Carmel, why? Because that was suppose to be our elope place but we chickened out. I just want to be engaged forever.
* I'm good for a long time when it comes to driving Hwy 1. Think - steep drops, crazy drivers, hairpin curves, rock slides and intense malibu traffic.
* Hillcrest area in San Diego is kickass!!!
* Pierre now has his own carrier and matching shirt.
* Just because it's cloudy in San Francisco doesn't mean you won't get burnt. I am now peeling...sick.
* Walking four miles is fun for me but makes the boyfriend into a raving bitch.
* H&M rocks.
* Los Panchos mexican rest in San Diego is now one of my other fav places.
* I've gained all that I've lost weight wise.
* Fun in photography all up and down the coast
* Oakland airport is scary. Narcotic dog is cute but not when he is sniffing you. Narcotic handler was cute...wish he sniffed me instead *grin*

And now...a portion of the trip and my date today.

ADDENDUM: Okay, so I still suck with all this linking stuff. More photos added.

Childhood friendship forged in Guam and two united in matrimony. L to R: Joy, Moi and Ric
Bridesmaid bouquet, favors and table locators.

Read more...Collapse )

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So...we did go out for a small date since G came back early from Colorado. We went back home soon after our outing because we were waiting for the new Macro Lens that was suppose to have come yesterday. We did get it and now we are just looking like idiots taking shots of the insde of our house.

Must I go to work tomorrow? I have all these prom updos that I have. I'm getting tired of the red carpet look. I miss some of my crazy girls who had a lot of fun and we got pretty creative with their hair. Half up, Half down is so last year.

One more week before my friend's wedding. It pops thoughts of getting hitched in Carmel but that means me having to ask my boyfriend but I guess it's only fair. I did say 'No' to him two years in a row.

Friday Boredom Photos:

LapelMixed Textures
Having fun with Macro. Just love the many textures, materials and movement.


It was raining outside so I couldn't take pictures of any flowers with the macro lens. So I took a picture of a picture of flowers. I know...

StackedStuck At Home
Yes, a fraction of a stack of my books. My obligatory foot photo. I love my Crocs. They are SO! comfy.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

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ADDENDUM: GRRRRRR...the train that was carrying the package got stuck in CA. I won't get the lens today. I do hope that nothing bad happened to anyone on the train. Still...I feel disappointment in not getting it. I'll get over it so...

The Micro Lens come today!!!!! Drool...and more drool. I might be uploading today.

Just a stupid side note. Okay, I've been wearing acrylics for two months now. The co-worker who does it told me to get them on so we could tweak it here and there since my salon does not do the standard chopshop drill on nails. They look pretty but how the fuck does anyone function with this shit?!?! They are coming right off when I come back. I can't even unbuckle myself out of my car and they seriously aren't that long...like sports short or something? I think that's what the length is called and they hurt like a bitch when you bang or get your nails caught in something. It's also harder to pick your nose. Too much bulk going in. I know...TMI.

Okay...back to your regularly schduled day.

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Well, I'm trying to have a date with myself but it's rather boring and I have a lot of baggage. (hahahahahahahahaha) sorry...it just seems really funny even if it only me who finds it so.

Just a quick blurb of things that are and soon to be:

* house work. blah.
* errands. Even more blah.
* Letter for my friends who are getting married. Hard.
* Hopefully a re-awakening of sorts. Fingers crossed.
* The wedding. Mind and emotion drain. ...ah, not mine.
* Drive up the 1 and 101. Cleanser of the soul and heart.
* San Diego, Carmel, San Franssico. A union, a date, love infused.

Here are some of my newer pictures. Have at it.

How Much...
I love this picture. The wooden dogs. trapped but cute at least.

Grate - Bellevue
Sometimes I feel so drained and all I do is gather all the debris of other people's lives. At least I'm a pretty and almost perfectly wrought fake shell. Little do they know what lurks behind the show.

Up or down...someone please show me the path.

Pumpkin Face
oh Yale...who do you think you are sometimes?

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Went to visit my parents. I took the boys with me, Valentino and Pierre. Oh yeah...and G :). We were going to take pictures of the tulips at the Mount Vernon Tulip Festival but it looked like all the petals had fallen off. Boo.

So...here is just a snippet of our day.


Pierre amongst the flowersPlay Dog

Celebrated my dad's bday belatedly. Parents are going to the PI for 6 months. I'm still trying to figure out a way to see them in Oct.


baby...grab a hold of me.
I feel so fragile
Don't let me fall to pieces and get scattered to the four winds.
I don't want to lose me...

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So the morning started with an early run to the vet to get the boy's nails trimmed. *Yawn* Came home and G was already cranky. I didn't think we were going to do anything for our regular 'date day' because he had to run over to his parents and help them.

I, on the otherhand, when shopping and bought two big bags of doggie litter, a box of dog treats, a new bag of puppy chow and a foldable crate for the boys. Okay...it all cost me an easy 200.00... WTF? Oh well...still cheaper then children. The boys love their new hang out (pictures later) and now their litter boxes are clean.

When cranky pants came home, he got in a better mood after he pouted and then we were able to go and take pictures. Here are just a few from our day out.

PInkGsbasilio:  Botanical Gardens
Yellow TulipsRed Tulip 2
Red Tulips

Still working on the whole photography thing. I'm finding that it helps decompress me from my work life. Plus, it's still cheaper then Pilates at the moment. Since we're speaking fitness...I did break down and get a personal trainer. I need to be bridesmaid dress ready by the end of May and being sore for the past month is doing nothing for burning the fat off me. I do feel tigther underneath all my insulation though :)

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