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Tuesday Date: Not today. G is in Denver. - The Land of Nod
Tuesday Date: Not today. G is in Denver.
Well, I'm trying to have a date with myself but it's rather boring and I have a lot of baggage. (hahahahahahahahaha) sorry...it just seems really funny even if it only me who finds it so.

Just a quick blurb of things that are and soon to be:

* house work. blah.
* errands. Even more blah.
* Letter for my friends who are getting married. Hard.
* Hopefully a re-awakening of sorts. Fingers crossed.
* The wedding. Mind and emotion drain. ...ah, not mine.
* Drive up the 1 and 101. Cleanser of the soul and heart.
* San Diego, Carmel, San Franssico. A union, a date, love infused.

Here are some of my newer pictures. Have at it.

How Much...
I love this picture. The wooden dogs. trapped but cute at least.

Grate - Bellevue
Sometimes I feel so drained and all I do is gather all the debris of other people's lives. At least I'm a pretty and almost perfectly wrought fake shell. Little do they know what lurks behind the show.

Up or down...someone please show me the path.

Pumpkin Face
oh Yale...who do you think you are sometimes?

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Current Music: Linkin Park - Crawl

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boloko From: boloko Date: May 16th, 2006 11:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
lol... i was drinking and i actually almost spit my water out when i read the first line. that was hilarious!
epgadin From: epgadin Date: May 17th, 2006 12:48 am (UTC) (Link)
thanks hon :) I'm glad to find that someone finds it as amusing as I do with no real negative context meant.

Hope that you are doing well.
boloko From: boloko Date: May 18th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC) (Link)
i'm not exactly doing well, but i'm working on doing well ^_^ thank you for caring =)
epgadin From: epgadin Date: May 18th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh dude... sorry to hear that :( At least you are working on getting well.
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