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Well, I did post up pictures of the wedding right? Yeah, you can… - The Land of Nod
Well, I did post up pictures of the wedding right? Yeah, you can tell that I backtrack on my own stuff. I don't really post anywhere about my life anymore. I guess I just don't think most people find it interesting :) In fact...I currently don't find it interesting myself. Instead I've spent my free time either cleaning the house, hanging with G, Photographing what I can, uploading photos and then staring surfing other people's photo sites constantly as to be inspired, challenged or calmed.

So here is a partial story of my life in photographs so far. Warning: Some might not be work appropriate. Not to nasty well...except for the rollerblading Penis.


I've Been:

Cooking (every so often)

What's for Dinner?:  MushroomsWhat's for Dinner?:  RibeyeWhat's for Dinner?: Crepe

I seared, then baked the balsamic marinated ribeye steak. Sauteed the pasta in the ribeye juice and threw in some fresh herbs and heavy cream. Topped with the Mushroom and Leeks. Not pictured is the steamed Broccolli and fresh blueberries that I had reduced down to fill the crepes I had made from scratch. Yeah...I can be freakin' Betty Crocker sometimes.

Date Day at The Seattle Center with G.

EMP (Experience Music Project) TextureGSBasilioA Circle of Spheres

An angle of the Experience Music Project, I took a picture of G taking a picture (I try to when we go on a date. The last few remaining crumbs of corniness in our relationship. LOL.) The balls are right outside of the space needle. You could sit, stand or walk around them. Really they are more of a multi-purpose decoration

Hybrid TransportPacific Center ArchesReflection

This cracked me up. A bunch of school kids group biking through a 'walk through'. The Pacific Center Arches...Love the lamps. The Obligatory shot of the Space Needle.

More Garden Time

RedAwakeningMy Tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe

It was a beautiful day and the photos speak for themselves.

Rat City Roller Girls: Roller Derby with Attitude

Rat City Roller Girls Series:  Getting ready to warm upRat City Roller Girls Series.Rat City Roller Girls Series:  Jamming

Wow...cool makeup, attitude and all around good time.

Seattle Gay Pride Parade

Sisters Of Perpetual IndulgenceSisters Of Perpetual IndulgenceFlower Power Boobs

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Their makeup was cool!!! They do a number of fundraisers for AIDS awareness and they each of really cool names like "Ida Laya Man". The last picture of one of a handful of very creative bras. I called her the Flower Power Boobs.

BareBackThey Love GinaRollerblading Penis

The obligatory Guy on Guy shot...*smirk*. Dykes on Bikes...take a look at what her shirt says. The promised Rollerblading Penis...yeah, teeth on penis...don't get it.

Yale and Sister Daya ReckoningIMG_5773.JPG

I'll throw in these picture of me.

Date Day: Alki Beach

Sail BoatComponent: shot 4Relief from the Heat

I just love the image of the sailboat against the waterfront crane and even further back, Safeco Field. A partial photo of an Anchor. It was really hot that day.

Alki ViewpointSeattle BuildingsTreasure HunterCrumpled Flower/a>

these are some of the views you would get if you had a million or so dollars to buy the condo at Alki. The guy looked like he was having so much fun. I just had to throw in my flower picture :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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From: jester1973 Date: June 29th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)

Looks tasty

Man, can I have dinner at your place some day :P
boloko From: boloko Date: June 30th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC) (Link)
damn... the food looks so freaking good!

hehe... dikes on bikes... never heard of that rhyme, but i like i like.
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